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Dry Space Filler #2

DOLCE® Coral Bells (Heuchera) • 'Midnight Masquerade' Beardtongue (Penstemon) • COLOR SPIRES® Perennial Salvia • ROCK 'N ROUND® Sedum

About this EZ Scape™


    Seasonal Progression

    If you do not have regular irrigation, the right plant mix can make all the difference! DOLCE® Heuchera and COLOR SPIRES® Salvia will lead the way in spring with early color. Midnight Masquerade will add size quickly with tall lavender bloom stalks, reaching its peak in midsummer. Dark foliage and seedheads will carry interest after flowers fade. ROCK ‘N ROUND™ Sedum will contribute succulent foliage all season with a brilliant floral display in late summer and colorufl seedheads adding fall interest. Note that most perennials need extra water while getting established and during unusually hot weather.

    Environmental Requirements

    Light: Full Sun
    Moisture: Light to Moderate
    Soil: Best in loose, well-drained soils
    Zones: 4-8
    Features: Fantastic Foliage, Low Water Requirements (when established)

Perennials in this EZ Scape™


    DOLCE® Coral Bells (Heuchera)

    Brilliant Foliage Color • Excellent Leaf Texture • Spring Interest
    Height: 8-14"
    Spread: 18-24"
    Zones: 4-9
    Plant Ratio: 3
    Primary Season of Interest: Spring
    Secondary Season of Interest: Summer and Fall (Foliage)
    Care Tips: Thrives in part shade but will grow in full shade. Plant in humusrich, well-drained soil. Trim back tattered foliage in early spring. Salt tolerant.

    More About DOLCE® Heuchera

    'Midnight Masquerade' Beardtongue (Penstemon)

    Nativar • Pollinator Favorite • Attractive Foliage
    Height: 36-40"
    Spread: 28-32"
    Zones: 3-8
    Plant Ratio: 2
    Primary Season of Interest: Summer
    Care Tips: This easy-to-grow perennial performs best in full sun and dry to average, well-drained soil. Mulch lightly in winter.

    More About 'Midnight Masquerade' Penstemon

    COLOR SPIRES® Perennial Salvia

    Bold Flower Color • Excellent Rebloom • Spring Interest
    Height: 18-24"
    Spread: 18-24"
    Zones: 3-8
    Plant Ratio: 2
    Primary Season of Interest: Late Spring
    Secondary Season of Interest:Summer and Fall (Rebloom)
    Care Tips: Easy to grow in almost any climate in full sun. Drought tolerant but blooms better with average moisture. Cut back after flowering to promote rebloom.

    More About COLOR SPRIES® Perennial Salvia

    ROCK 'N ROUND® Sedum

    Attractive Foliage • Pollinator Favorite • Low Maintenance
    Height: 10-12"
    Spread: 16-20"
    Zones: 3-9
    Plant Ratio: 3
    Primary Season of Interest: Summer
    Secondary Season of Interest: Fall (Seedheads)
    Care Tips: full sun and poor to average, well-drained soil. Does not require supplemental water. Do not fertilize.

    More About ROCK 'N ROUND® Sedum

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