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Sun-Loving & Deer Resistant #1

Paint the Town Dianthus • 'Serendipity' Ornamental Onion (Allium) • PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grasses • SUMMERIFIC® Hardy Hibiscus

About this EZ Scape™


    Seasonal Progression

    Flow through the seasons with the effortless floral impact of this EZ Scape™. The Paint the Town Dianthus will get things started in spring with a carpet of color. ‘Serendipity’ Allium will follow in summer with numerous globe-shaped clusters of rosy purple flowers. As the display on ‘Serendipity’ is winding on, the SUMMERIFIC® Hibiscus will burst onto the scene with massive pinwheel-like flowers. Steady through the season, the decorative seedheads of the PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grass will provide fall and winter interest if not cut back. Look for blue tones in the Allium and Dianthus foliage to complement the purple and pink flowers.

    Environmental Requirements

    Light: Full Sun
    Moisture: Moderate
    Soil: Best in loose, well-drained soils
    Zones: (4)5-8
    Features: Pollinator Friendly, Deer Resistant, Low Maintenance, Heat & Humidity Tolerant

Perennials in this EZ Scape™


    Paint the Town Dianthus

    Rebloomer • Semi-Evergreen Foliage • Deer Resistant
    Height: 6-8"
    Spread: 16-18"
    Zones: 4-9
    Plant Ratio: 3
    Primary Season of Interest: Spring
    Secondary Season of Interest: Summer and Fall (Rebloom)
    Care Tips: Grows best in full sun to light shade and loose, well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Tolerates dry soil for short periods.

    More About Paint the Town Dianthus

    'Serendipity' (Allium)

    Pollinator Friendly • Deer & Rabbit Resistant • Summer Interest
    Height: 15-20"
    Spread: 10-15"
    Zones: 4-8
    Plant Ratio: 3
    Primary Season of Interest: Summer
    Secondary Season of Interest: Spring (Foliage) and Fall (Seedheads)
    Care Tips: Easy to grow in any soil in full to part sun. Deer and rabbit resistant. If desired, trim stems after it has finished flowering.

    More About 'Serendipity' Allium

    PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grass

    Excellent Leaf Texture • Fall Interest • Winter Interest
    Height: 36-72"
    Spread: 18-48"
    Zones: (4)5-9
    Plant Ratio: 2
    Primary Season of Interest: Late Summer, Fall
    Secondary Season of Interest: Winter
    Care Tips: One of the easiest ornamental grasses to grow in full sun. Does well in any soil from sand to clay. Cut back in spring before new growth appears.

    More About PRAIRIE WINDS® Ornamental Grasses

    SUMMERIFIC® Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus)

    Nativar • Low Maintenance • Pollinator Friendly
    Height: 42-54"
    Spread: 48-60"
    Zones: 4-9
    Plant Ratio: 1
    Primary Season of Interest: Late Summer
    Care Tips: This plant grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. It leafs out late in spring but grows very quickly. Cut it down in spring before new growth appears.

    More About SUMMERIFIC® Hardy Hibiscus

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